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As we manufacture the heat presses, we stock all parts and can ensure a fast, efficient and reliable service, carried out by one of our fully qualified engineers.
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Servicing/Repair Process

If your heat press requires servicing or is in need of repair please contact us in the first instance.

When sending your press to us please ensure you include your name, company name, contact details and any relevant information and requirements.

Please make sure that the press is sent in a suitable box(preferably the original box) and well packed to ensure that no damage is incurred during transit.

Please send the base plate with the machine as we may need to re-align the heater which is best carried out with the plate that is used with the press.
(we do not require you to send the
power lead).

As soon as we receive the press, one of our engineers will complete a thorough inspection and you will receive a detailed report of the work required.

When we receive conformation to go ahead, we will complete the repairs/service as soon as possible and return the press via courier.

How Often Should My Press Be Serviced?

There is no set time period as this depends on usage, as with any machine there are moving parts which will wear over time and use but if you follow this simple routine your press should continue to serve its purpose for many years.

Your press should be cleaned on a regular basis a quick wipe over at least once a week.

A visual check should also be carried out regularly.

The main things to look for are:

Bumper stop
Make sure that the bumper stop is in place and in good condition.
(This is a very important and inexpensive part, if the bumper stop is missing the press will over-lock and can result in loss of pressure and unnecessary strain on other components).

Lock-out arms and pins
Make sure that the lock-out arms and pins are in good condition.
(Another important and inexpensive part which if continuously used in an over-worn state could put excessive strain on other parts and lead to potential extensive and costly repairs).

Move the handle from side to side to check for excess movement. If there is a lot of side to side movement check the lock-out arms for wear or damage.

Main Return Springs
Make sure the springs are in good condition.

bumper stop
Bumper Stop
Lock-out arms

Main Return Spring Set

Main spring sets available for all HF heat presses.

Set Comprises: 2 x Main Return Springs
(we advise to change both springs at the same time)

Click here for fitting Instruction sheet.


Bumper Stops

Black Plastic Handle bumper stop pack of 5
(fits all HF machines)


Lock-out Set (all models)

Main lock-out sets available for all
HF heat presses.

Set Comprises:

2 x Lock-outs
2 x Bearing Pins
4 x E-clips
8 x Washers
1 x Grease Sachet


Black Rubber Handle Grip

Black Rubber Grip For all HF machines.


PTFE non stick Cover Kit

High Quality PTFE non stick Cover Kit For Replacing Worn PTFE non stick Covers On HF Presses.

Kit comprises:

Complete ready made cover kit size to fit required plate size.

ptfe sheet

PTFE non stick Sheet

High Quality PTFE non stick Sheet.

Available cut to size.



Silicone Rubber Pads

High Quality, Long Life, High Temperature, Orange Silicone Rubber.

Available Cut to size for
all our HF range.


Computerised Digital Control Module

Plug-in easy fit control module for use with
all HF heat presses.


Quick Release Base Plate with
Silicone Rubber & PTFE

Quick release base plate fitted with high quality, long life, high temp, orange silicone rubber and a non-stick PTFE cover.

Available for:


Quick Release Base Plate with Silicone Rubber (no PTFE)

Quick release base plate fitted with high quality, long life, high temp, orange silicone rubber.

Available for:

blank-plate Quick Release Base Plate
(no rubber or PTFE)

Available for:

(Rubber can be ordered separately so that the customer can cut it to the required size)
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